Sunday, September 14, 2008

150 Years Ago; Forever Lourdes

150 Years Ago...
Bernadette de Soubiroux
was blessed enough 
to be granted 
an august audience 
with the Holy Virgin Lady 
in Lourdes, France... 
Her "spiritual sisters" 
such as her venerable
fellow French countryfolk,
Thérèse de Lisieux, 
(seen in the composite picture above, 
at Bernadette's left) 
and so many others
like these two
are truly in a class
all their own.
The third one of note,
and most modern of the three,
is Lucia Dos Santos
from Fatima, Portugal.
She was granted numerous
audiences with the Luminous Lady,
Mother of Our Saviour,
starting in 1917.
She only passed away in 2003.
Of all the messages that she received,
the most urgent and most pressing
is still so very actual today;
to convert RUSSIA.
Many were those who thought it
out of whack with world events now -
yet, with recent activity,
the European Union's criticism
and American ingerence in
Russian policies
concerning Georgia most notably
- with the prospect of another
COLD WAR looming...
The Fatima urging is VERY actual
Lourdes deserves to be celebrated
in this 150th anniversary
And the current pope, 
Benedict XVI,  
delivered a beautiful message 
while in Lourdes and Paris 
for this occasion: 
one that told of the 
supreme liberty 
found in the 
absolute dignity 
of purity. 
Bernadette is a great example 
of just that. 
So is Thérèse. 
And so is Lucia. 
So are a great many other 
"spiritual sisters" 
of lesser renown, too; 
they may have not been 
privy to communicating 
with the Holy Mother 
or with Our Redeemer 
Himself - but they are 
without a shadow of a doubt 
purity incarnated 
in our less-than-perfect
sinful world...  

There are countless more like these -
and all are spiritual sisters of great worth
and above average merit
in the Eyes of Our Lord.
As we recognize Bernadette, once again,
let us have a thought for all the rest too -
including those next-to-no-one 
has ever heard of, 
such as those I make mention of 
here and elsewhere...


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