Thursday, December 31, 2020


"Aqui acabam as palavras, aqui acaba o mundo que conheço; aqui neste tremendo isolamento onde a vida artificial está reduzida ao mínimo, só as coisas eternas perduram. O Corvo não tem peso no mundo ; mas nunca senti como aqui a realidade e o peso do Tempo."

"Here end the words, here ends the world that I know; here in this sad isolation where illusionary life is reduced to the bare minimum, only the everlasting things continue to endure. The raven has no weight in this world; but it never felt, as it does in the here and now, the reality and the weight of Time itself."

''Um santo é alguém que, apesar dos limites e defeitos, vive plenamente a vida de Deus. Com humildade a vive, não precisa de o mostrar aos outros." 

"A saint is someone who, despite his limitations and flaws, lives fully and completely a Godly life, with humility; for he does not need to show it to others." 

- PADRE CRUZ (1859-1948), 
translated by Luciano Pimentel (1969-20__)




Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Padre Cruz was such a kind, peaceful man of God.

My family has recognized him as a saintly man way before the beatification talks even began...

Max Solbrekken - an evangelist I knew in my childhood, as my parents took me to his preaching events. I credit Mr. Solbrekken with, if not the awakening of my faith per say, certainly the structuring of it. The belief in the healing power of God. The awareness that God still performs miracles, even in this day and age in which the world is in vast majority a faithless realm. Plus, it was at his events that I started reading THE WORD - as I began collecting ILLUSTRATED versions (commonly called "comic-book versions" - really adaptations in sequential art form) of The Bible...

Le Père Chiniquy, now, is another case altogether - he had verve, he was deemed to be controversial, he was an avant-gardiste of the proselytizing kind! And he was a contemporary of and good friend to Abraham Lincoln...

If I owe Christian humility to Padre Cruz and Christian fervor to Rev. Solbrekken, I owe PASSION FOR GOD'S JUSTICE to the likes of Father Chiniquy!

And if lesser causes demand to be heard - THIS TRUTH OF TRUTHS demands EVEN MORE than that!

For those who deny The Truth of God's Existence... of God's Love... of God's Omnipotence... of God's Power... of God's upcoming Justice to be laid upon the whole wide world... Those who deny all that are intolerant to such a level that they must be met with INTOLERANCE AS WELL! If not castigation - for GOD Himself will mete out that part...!

And with such a stance, my-oh-my, I may turn out to be even more controversial that even the great man of God, Chiniquy himself!

For that is what Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ is all about!

The name came to be as sort of pseudonym (that wasn't concealing me much at all) for all of my creative ventures...
(be them literature, media, artistic, on stage or online...)

But my true calling is to be, indeed, a son of God - not in the messianic sense, but definitely in the faithful sense!

To champion The Truth!

And to those wondering what it entails...

The Truth Is...

None of us can pretend not to believe - because ALL THAT EXISTS is Evidence... that He Is.


And we are a part of Him.

More details shall follow...
For those who need them!


Be Like Chiniquy

11:22 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Que a igreja Catòlica lhe diga ou nâo, o Padre Cruz jà està no Céu com Deus. Nâo tenho duvida nenhuma.

E nâo é o unico...

Padre Cruz jà é um santo


11:26 AM  

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