Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My father is not merely in a better place now - as many would be tempted to say
He certainly is - since he was not well on this earth, the past 13 years...
He had been ill, with various complications stemming from that illness...
An illness with various sources of affliction...
My father is not just "better off now" though
My father has returned where he came from
For he passed the test brilliantly
He trode through the valley of death
He passed the strife-rich test we call "life"
And he did so with patience, grace, acceptance
As we say in our ancestors' land, "mancidão"
With great dignity and poise as well
With great faith - quite obviously
And so - my father is back now WHERE HE BELONGS
Where he has always belonged
He is not merely better off
He is not merely one of us, the Pimentels
He always belonged to a far greater clan
than any family on this earth can aspire to be
He always belonged to Heaven
and God's Family

Hora por mim, pai
So that I too can access such bliss

Je prierai pour ton âme aussi
Comme il est prescrit de le faire
dans la Sainte Bible

Now that your spirit - your lifeforce - your soul
has left your earthly vessel and has ascended, back whence it came
You are back where you have always belonged, dear saintly man

May we all be so lucky as well - when our mortal remains lose their ethereal glow
May we all be as lucky as you are

Kyrie Elieson


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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  1. GOD IS GOD (Juno Reactor)
  2. FEEL THE UNIVERSE (Juno Reactor)
  3. GOD SO LOVED (Jaci Velasquez)
  4. THIS IS GOD (Phil Vassar)
  5. GOD MUSIC (Du Monde)
  6. GOD'S WILL (Martina McBride)
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Now let it be clear here
that Du Monde... est immonde!
But their little effort there
Is included here, if only for the
mention that GOD IS COMING
Whether you want it or not!
It is no wonder though
that Du Monde would not want
La Fin Du Monde!

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    Another quiz that assumes too much; though a million times better than the earlier quiz, located on the sidebar...
    Not all catholics are exactly like this description above;
    several, like me, don't pray for the dead but rather think that the dead are indeed better off and thus in a far better position to pray (or intercede) FOR US!
    Likewise, we don't go by the Catechism - we go by The Word and that is THE HOLY BIBLE.
    Also, we have respect for the Pope, but that is about it...
    Jesus is the Beloved One and the Redeemer - not any pope!
    We follow Him -JESUS- not just anyone in frocks!
    The quiz maker this time got it absolutely right on one point though: Jesus sure is always present in the wonderful mystery of the Holy Eucharist ~ Amen!

    The video for the track "God Is God" is based on the film 'The Color Of Pomegranates' (1969) directed by Sergei Paradzhanov.

    The Apocalypse - with more music by Juno Reactor - official soundtrack purveyor for Armageddon! "Navras"

    Rurouni Kenshin - all the graphic violence of this lost world - to the tune of "Navras"

    Morientes - a man who knows GOD Gave him his talent... "Pistolero" is by... Juno Reactor!

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